Building a New Home

Whether you’re a first home builder or a building fanatic Butterworth Construction Services can turn your dreams into reality.

If you’re looking into building your own home Butterworth Construction Services is available to provide a high-quality personalised solution to your building needs.  Butterworth Construction is a comprehensive and affordable option that allows flexibility without comprising on workmanship or design. 


We are unlike large scale builders that take on a large volume of contracts without concern for how long the client must wait for completion. 


Once you sign up with Butterworth Construction we’ll provide a personalised quality service that endeavours to have your home completed within a number of months using local Tradesmen and Suppliers. 


Our prompt, dependable and knowledgeable team will listen to your needs and ideas and work, with you to create the home or structure of your dreams.


Should you have a difficult or sloping site, Butterworth Construction is able to transform your land and transform your life.

Best of all, Butterworth Construction Services can offer you the complete package:  site inspection, design, soil test, engineering, hassle-free total project delivery with no-hidden-extras in our fixed price contract.

Building can be stressful for some, therefore if you want your home to be built without being hassled by the smaller details, our experienced, dependable, and professional team will listen to your needs and ideas and work with you to create the home or structure of your dreams. All you will need to do is turn up to collect your key when it’s completed. 


Alternatively should you be passionate about being involved in every aspect of your build, we are enthusiastic to work with you and make your personality shine out of your new home.


We believe the customer comes first and we’ll do our utmost to ensure 100% satisfaction.  From the budget conscious to the impeccably luxurious, Butterworth Construction are passionate about working with you to complete your new home.